Sniper Strike




Become a stealthy sniper


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Become an elite soldier specializing in long range weaponry in the first-person shooter Sniper Strike Special Ops. Complete missions by terminating your target from a discreet location with your arsenal of weapons.

Use a sniper rifle to zero in on your target and cleanly finish them off in this game's short missions. Watch the bullet fly though the air with the slow motion camera, and get bonuses for well done or quickly done missions. Your character moves automatically, your only job is to aim and fire.

Complete missions to earn money for weapon upgrades or new weapons altogether, and well as new equipment for your character. Use your equipment to face armored machines and special bosses, or go back to previous mission and discover new things. For example, use heat-sensing goggles to find hidden items.

Sniper Strike Special Ops is a surprising action game with graphics so good you'll think you're playing a desktop game.

Android 4.1 or higher required